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What’s the Right Thermostat Setting for Summer in Arizona?

What’s the Right Thermostat Setting for Summer in Arizona?

During summer in Arizona, it feels like the sun is beaming down with a personal vendetta against our comfort. The intense heat can leave us feeling like we’re melting, and it’s natural to want to crank up the air conditioning as high as possible. However, constantly using your AC at a low temperature can have negative consequences for both your health and your wallet.

What is the right thermostat setting for summer in Arizona? The answer may vary based on what you’re into and the situation, but here are some cool tips to point you in the right direction.

Optimal Thermostat Settings for Summer in Arizona

Battling the Arizona summer is like going toe-to-toe with an oven set to “broil” — it’s intense, sweaty, and somehow an extreme sport in its own right. Don’t worry! Finding that AC sweet spot doesn’t have to be as elusive as a shady spot in downtown Phoenix at high noon.

Best Thermostat Setting for Summer Days

During those scorching daytime hours when you’re at home, you want a setting that keeps you cool without maxing out your energy bill. Our friends at the Department of Energy say that 78 F is the optimal temperature for cooling your living space in the summer months. 

This setting may sound warm, but it’s actually quite comfortable when you consider the average outdoor temperature in Arizona during summer is around 110 F. If that feels too hot for you, even with the help of ceiling fans or other cooling methods, try bumping it down a degree at a time until you find your ideal setting.

Ideal Thermostat Setting for Summer Nights

Fortunately, as the sun sets, so does the temperature. You can safely bump your thermostat setting slightly higher at night, around 82 F. This temperature seems too hot, but it’s surprisingly comfortable when you’re snuggled up in bed, especially with a fan on.  

This setting also gives your body the chance to cool down naturally, and you’ll sleep like a desert-dwelling baby. Plus, keeping your thermostat at a slightly higher setting during the night can save you some serious cash on energy costs.

Thermostat Settings While Away

Are you planning a getaway to escape the desert heat? Before you leave, set your thermostat to a toasty 85 F. This setting helps save energy while ensuring your home doesn’t transform into an oven while you’re gone. Your AC won’t need to work overtime, and you’ll return to a refreshingly bearable indoor climate. 

Additionally, investing in a smart thermostat can make managing your home’s temperature easier while you’re away. You can control your thermostat remotely through an app on your mobile phone and set schedules to optimize energy usage.

Ideal Summer Thermostat Setting for a Two-Story House

If you live in a two-story home and notice that the temperature upstairs is different from downstairs, it’s not just you. Warm air rises, and cold air sinks naturally, causing the upper levels to be warmer than the lower levels. 

For optimal comfort, try the summer thermostat setting for two-story house setups, known as the “two-degree rule.” Set your thermostat to the temperature that you want on your main floor and two degrees lower for upstairs. 

For example, if your preferred temperature is 72 F downstairs, set it to 70 F upstairs. This system will help keep the whole house at a comfortable temperature without overworking your AC system. 

Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool in Arizona Summers

Yes, it’s tempting to just set your thermostat to the lowest temperature possible during Arizona summers, but that will do more harm than good. Here are some additional strategies to beat the summer heat without cranking up the AC all the way.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are your secret weapon against Arizona’s relentless warmth. They’re also your air conditioner’s best friend. They help circulate air, making you feel cooler without drastically lowering the thermostat. Use them with your AC to increase energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable.

Block Out the Sun

The sun’s rays can turn your home into an oven. To keep your home cooler, keep shades or curtains drawn during the day to block out the intense sun rays. You could also invest in heavy drapes, blackout curtains, or reflective window film to help keep the heat out. This simple step can significantly lower indoor temperatures. 

Use Appliances Strategically

Appliances like ovens, dishwashers, and dryers generate heat when in use. Avoid using them during the hottest parts of the day. Wait until evening or early morning to do your laundry or cook dinner. This strategy will help reduce additional heat inside your home and minimize the strain on your AC.

Maintain Your AC System

Don’t forget to give your AC some TLC before the summer heat hits full force. Change your filters regularly, clear debris around the outdoor unit, and schedule routine maintenance with a professional technician like Viking HVAC. A well-maintained system operates more efficiently, keeping your home cool and saving you money on energy costs.

Final Thoughts

Surviving an Arizona summer is all about finding that perfect thermostat balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness. While there is no single “perfect” thermostat setting for summer in Arizona, following these tips can help you find the optimal temperature for your comfort and budget. 

For optimal HVAC function, Viking HVAC is here to help with routine maintenance and professional HVAC services. We can help you find ways to keep your home cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you survive the Arizona summer heat! 

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