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Programmable Smart Thermostat With WI-FI Capabilities

Programmable Smart Thermostat With WI-FI Capabilities

There are many advantages to Arizona’s weather, however sometimes it’s just too hot! As we head into summer, the sun stays out longer and the days just get hotter. One of the biggest hazards an Arizona resident faces is coming home to their air conditioner not working. While you can’t change the weather or the fact that your air conditioner might unexpectedly break down, you can monitor and control the temperature in your home by changing your standard thermostat, to a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat.

Why choose a Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat? 

During an Arizona summer, most air conditioner experts would recommend not raising the temperature of your thermostat more than 3-5 degrees, while you are away. This is because doing so makes it too difficult for the AC unit to recover. Once you get home and decide you want your residence cooler, the unit will have to work hard to cool the residence and to reduce the temperature back down.

If you have an older unit, you might notice that the unit will run continuously for hours, as it's trying to satisfy what the thermostat is calling for. Maintaining a given temperature is much easier, more cost efficient and less work on your AC unit.

Having a Wi-Fi programmable and Wi-Fi thermostat takes the worry out of adjusting the temperature manually as well as gives you continuous access to your AC system.

Climate Control

A programmable thermostat can store and repeat six or more temperature settings per day. While the Wi-Fi version allows you to install an App that helps you monitor the temperature in your home as well as ensure your air conditioner is cooling properly. In a perfect world, every room of your house would be the same temperature, however there are many variables such as windows, skylights, and insulation factors, as well as other elements that can change the climate in each room of your home. A programmable thermostat can give you complete control of the temperature in your residence.

Customization for your personal preference

Your HVAC system and most of your appliances are now Wi-Fi compatible. Having a programmable thermostat can be customized just for you and from about any place on the planet. You can increase cool air delivery during the summer months and add warmer air in the winter.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency upgrades are the norm for conscientious property owners who want to contribute to the environment as well as for those that enjoy the cost saving benefits. Saving energy with a programmable thermostat is a great start. We, like most companies, would recommend performing an energy audit to expose high dollar vulnerabilities, as well as areas in which may be in need of repair. To   the homeowner’s surprise, many repairs can be fixed inexpensively but can make a large impact on your home and bills.

Good Health for your HVAC equipment

With a programmable thermostat, your HVAC system maximizes its efficiency because of its heating and cooling schedule. It will help your older unit perform better and is almost always recommended for new heating and air system installations.


There’s not much cost difference between a manual or programmable thermostat. However, your heating/cooling bills average $102/year savings and life-cycle savings average of $1,899.

Remote Control

Wherever you are in the world, if you have cellular device and WiFi connectivity, you can have access to certain programmable thermostats. If you’re leaving work early and want to warm-up or cool-down your home, simply access the app from your smartphone and your “smart” thermostat will do the job! 


Your programmable thermostat can be set for certain times to deliver comfortable air temperatures throughout the day. Sleeping and wake-up temperatures, as well as away-from-home settings, can maximize energy efficiency.

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